Tests Systems

Tests Systems

We have a vast experience manufacturing electronic products, which we have had design and integrated test systems to detect high and low volume during product validation, our systems are currently in use on automotive and home appliance industry.

1. Design Verification Test:

  • Life cycle test
  • Hardware in the Loop
  • Electrical, Mechanical & Vision Tests

2. Validation Test:

  • Real Life Simulation and Operation Test
  • RFICs characterization
  • ECUs Embedded Test

3. Component Test:

  • In-Circuit Test (ICT)
  • MEMS Characterization
  • Automotive Sensor Test

4. Final Product Test:

  • Functional & System Test
  • Consumer Product Test
  • RF & Communication Test
  • Audio & Video Test


Industry 4.0


Design and Manufacture

We perform process analysis, three-dimensional design (CAD / CAE), engineering validation and manufacturing.

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Metrics of Monitoring

Monitoring of Uptime, Downtime and Yield in real time with notifications and automated reports.

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Applications development under Agile methodologies such as SCRUM, DevOPS and Continuous Integration.

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