21 Dec, 2018

Winner Tecnos NL 4.0 Award Pyme-Process Category

Adriano Engineering, we continue to evolve and be part of the transformation of Industry 4.0, to offer quality products and services to our clients. We proudly announce that we’re winners of the Tecno NL 4.0 Award in Pyme-Process Category.
Last November 22nd, in Monterrey, NL. The Ministry of Economy and Labor delivered the Tecnos Nuevo León 4.0 Award to local companies, where Adriano Engineering was recognized in Pyme-Process Category.

With pride we can affirm that we continue evolving and being part of the transformation of the industry 4.0.

Here are some extracts from the notes of Mileno and El Economista:

“For generations we have been developing our state, in this growth we mode frome the 2.0 industry in those factories that we had to 3.0 and today we prepare ourselves in a fast, orderly way, to venture successfully in the technology of 4.0.”

“Nuevo León is a national leader in the implementation of Industry 4.0 Model, in which the Triple Helix participates.”

“A good example, they given us that we should continue working in many áreas, to had an exponential growth, given light to the path we have to follow here.”

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