16 Apr, 2018

Industry 4.0: What is?

Industry 4.0 is the current industrial revolution, which consists in the digitalization of industrial processes through the interaction of artificial intelligence with machines and the optimization of resources focused on the creation of effective commercial methodologies. This implies changes oriented towards intelligent infrastructures and the digitalization of methods.
In this industry, digital disciplines are merged to guarantee customer satisfaction and provide more personalized services. One of the objectives of this revolution is the union of digital technologies that allow the creation of more competitive markets.

The benefits offered by industry 4.0 through digitalization and the use of connected platforms are:
  • Capacity for constant adaptation to demand
  • Serve the client in a more personalized way
  • Provide a one-to-one after-sales service with the client
  • Design, produce and sell products in less time
  • Add services to physical products
  • Create shorter and more profitable production series
  • Take advantage of the information for your analysis
Our country faces a scenary with challenges for the evolution of this industry, that is why we’re looking for innovative ways to keep growing. Small and medium-sized companies are directed to the development of strategies for their growth, since they pretend to be more prepared and to increase competitive.

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