19 Apr, 2018

Hannover Messe 2018: Mexico as Partner Country

Mexico is the first Latin-American and the first Spanish-speaking country to be invited to participate in Hannover Messe an a Partner Country. This is a historic momento for Mexico, as it marks the culmination of decades of public policies in support of free-trade, economic integration and innovation.
At Hannover Messe, Mexico will be reminding the world of the myriad of opportunities it offers as a strategic partner in industrial innovation and showcasting its strengths in Industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, renewable energies, environmental technologies, human capital, Logistics and star-up capacity, among other competitive advantages.  Mexico is where groundbreaking innovation is taking place.
Campaign: The X Marks The Spot!
X marks the spot where innovation, talent, education, technology and infrastructure come together to create the future. The symbol alludes to the “X” on a treasure map, but is also part of Mexico’s name. In Hannover Messe 2018, supersized, multicolored Xs will mark the spots that are potentially attractive to visitors.
What better place to reinvent the future tan a country with a young, highly skilled and talented workforce capable of rising to the challenges of innovation? That country is Mexico. So if you’re looking for the place where the innovation of tomorrow is taking place today, you shouldn’t hace any diffoculty finding it, because an X will mark the spot and that spot is Mexico.
Mexico will be providing visitors to Hannover Messe with a complete experience from beginning to end. On the one hand, the country will be showcasing its strengths as an attractive invesment destination, its capacity for innovation and tranformation and its strategy for the adoption of the main global trends in disruptive technologies, and on the other, the maturity of strategic sector represented by leading companies, which wil be exhibiting their industry 4.0 products, technologies and services in keeping with the fair’s main theme this year: integrated industry.
Our strategic allies will be out in force, promoting a modern, innovative Mexico that is a global spot for innovation, research and development, and a preferred destination for foreign investment.
Thede allies include companies and entrepreneurnial organization that play a prominent role in Mexico’s economy, such as Siemens, Cemex, Canacero and Adriano Engineering, as well as state governments and government institutions, all of which share the goal of promoting Mexico as a dynamic new global economy.
When? Hannover Messe 2018, 23 – 27 April

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